Turri presents Vine the new collection designed by architect Frank Jiang

Vine table
Vine table
Turri presents Vine the new collection designed by architect Frank Jiang it has been modified: 2019-03-06 di Benedetto Fiori

Wrap-around cushions and thin wooden structures, like ramifications, trace the common thread between the elements of the new Vine collection, designed by architect Frank Jiang for Turri and which will be presented during the Salone del Mobile 2019.

All Vine products interpret elegance through important workings and the combination of various materials, while presenting clean, simple lines, often with strong references to the geometry of nature, in every element of the collection. This results in a rich and highly prestigious line, but in the modern complex, able to meet the needs of the current market and to adapt to more stylistic expressions, in line with the new corporate image from 2019.

The woodwork is definitely a distinctive feature, which, as suggested by the name of the collection, is inspired by the weaves of vine shoots. The element, replicated in several shapes and sizes, is the starting point of the entire collection. Now the wood wraps a stuffing, now it supports a floor, a container, it turns into a drawer detail ... So the collection grows, it branches in a wide range of products, all ideally connected to each other, but with a personality to be able to live alone, in a space already furnished: the room of a hotel, an office, the living room of a penthouse.


The sofa is the key element of the living area, characterized by an outer shell in leather and fabric cushions. Different wooden elements, including the table top, help to create dynamism between the parts, as well as the inserts and the details in brushed gold metal including the tubular base, which lifts the structure from the ground.

The result is a visually light, modern and eye-catching piece of furniture. The side element of the sofa is taken from the armchair, comfortable, deep and with a thin but very present structure, with two squared armrests that clearly recall the design of the fifties, here in a modern key. Vine then proposes a coffee table system on different heights and in more sizes and finishes, united by a four-spoke base embellished with a metal ring. The project is completed by the cabinet unit, an architecture with glass inserts and an interesting play of volumes, and the console, made unique by the slightly hinted bevel of its marble top.


The Vine bed is impressive and extremely elegant, with a back covered in leather that turns into a bed frame, also covered. Also in the bed we find the stylistic elements of the collection, such as the essence of wood, which recalls the creepers, and the inserts and details in brushed gold metal. The thin visible seams define elegant alternating lines on the back and along the profile of the bed frame, underlining the craftsmanship of the product.

The wooden structure of the bedside tables, the bench and the dressing table, which wraps surfaces carefully covered with fine leather, inevitably invokes the bed, creating a coordinated environment. The pouf, instead, with a showy leather tongue on the back, is distinguished from the other elements and is made unique by a base in gold metal and a large front opening, which allows not only to rest the feet, but also possibly to store objects : books, magazines, an ornament. Concluding the bedroom area, the dresser, with a formal, compact and linear look, and two mirrors in different shapes: circular with leather inserts and adorned with a gold metal ring, and with a leaf, with a lighting system hidden in the structure.


Frank Jiang interprets the dining area by designing furnishings that reflect the stylistic code of modern architecture. Characteristic is the sculpture table, with a top in several finishes and a base with two wooden elements, embellished with a band in brushed gold metal and marble insert. The slightly sloping lines of the base, as well as the bevel of the top at the ends, help to make the structure visually slender and light. Think of it as an ideal match at the table, the seats play on a large arched opening on the back, as well as on the upholstered shell which, when curved, forms two wings that act as armrests. We find the characteristic metallic element of the whole Vine collection here as a decoration of the four legs.

Raised from the ground thanks to four thin wooden legs, the display cabinet and the sideboard are made up of two distinct elements that interact with each other with balance: the main wooden structure, with metal elements, and the smoked glass volumes, protruding from the structure, they create a tangle of lines on several levels, the manifestation of a project conceived in every detail.

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