Photovoltaic umbrellas convert solar energy into electricity and the beach of the future becomes a sustainable beach

Photovoltaic umbrellas sustainable lido of the future Sammontana, design Carlo Ratti Associati
Photovoltaic umbrellas convert solar energy into electricity and the beach of the future becomes a sustainable beach it has been modified: 2021-09-06 di Benedetto Fiori

The beach of the future could be sustainable thanks to the photovoltaic umbrellas born from an initiative of Sammontana. Thanks to photovoltaic panels positioned on the upper side of the cloth, the umbrellas transform solar energy into electricity and the beach becomes sustainable.

The innovative and sustainable Sammontana space signed CRA - Carlo Ratti Associati starts from Milan and looks away.

It is an oasis of relaxation in the open air with special umbrellas able to exploit the sun's rays to create refreshment and electricity. The project, entrusted to the renowned international design and innovation studio CRA - Carlo Ratti Associati, was developed in collaboration with the architect Italo Rota and with the engineer Chuck Hoberman. The team of professionals has imagined an enhanced and highly technological umbrella which, on the one hand, protects users from UV rays, and on the other is able to capture the latter and translate them into precious energy. 

2,50 meters high, the umbrella opens like an origami up to a diameter of 3,20 meters. Above the parasol they are arranged photovoltaic panels that convert solar energy into electricity. The faceted surface is capable of absorbing sunlight from any angle, incorporating technology inspired by solar batteries used on NASA spacecraft to get the electricity they need while traveling.

The folding structure the object was designed together with the father of transformable design Chuck Hoberman, combining retractable cladding, joint design and dynamic construction.

Designed as a solar refrigerator, the parasol is designed to be aggregated to create a "smart grid" of eleven modules able to ensure refreshment and comfort in the hottest hours, and to power a cooler that allows you to enjoy fresh food and drinks. A system of nebulization  placed between the umbrellas enriches the experience, allowing users to cool off and shelter from UV rays at the same time. The system is inspired by the technologies with which spacecraft use solar energy by exploiting photovoltaic surfaces, and can also be implemented in stand-alone mode with a single umbrella to power a single cooler.
In addition, several umbrellas connected in series can power a conservatory counter for ice cream, which will therefore not need additional energy for its operation.

Photovoltaic umbrellas that allow you to continuously transform heat into cool and make the summer experience sustainable and pleasant.

From 12 June to 8 August, LidoBAM, the green oasis of relaxation in the heart of BAM - Biblioteca degli Alberi Miano inside Porta Nuova, the Innovation District of Milan, will host the first 12 umbrellas made: LidoBAM guests will therefore be able to experience this project firsthand, enjoying the refreshment and comfort guaranteed by an innovative and sustainable system. "LIDO BAM - The energy of Sammontana's smile "moreover, it will welcome all the guests of the park and the Lido with a small BAR point, whose Sammontana ice cream freezer it will then be powered by 11 umbrellas. A refreshment point that will make the summer of this fascinating and new area of ​​Milan even more delicious.

The umbrellas will be available to all LidoBAM guests, who will thus be able to enjoy a few moments of relaxation using the colorful seats designed by the CRA - Carlo Ratti Associati studio and the water sprayers at their disposal.

Furthermore, thanks to the collaboration between Sammontana and BAM, this year the Lido will be completely free, upon reservation through the appropriate App.

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