In Vitro Unplugged wireless table lamp, Philippe Starck for FLOS

In Vitro Unplugged wireless table lamp, Philippe Starck for FLOS
In Vitro Unplugged wireless table lamp, Philippe Starck for FLOS it has been modified: 2021-09-06 di Benedetto Fiori

La wireless table lamp In Vitro Unplugged is one outdoor lamp portable and rechargeable designed by Philippe Starck per Flos Outdoor. An elegant and practical glass lantern, equipped with an orange soft touch silicone hook that makes it easy to move it to any place. Designed for outdoor environments, it is also ideal for indoor use. 

“There is a kind of paradox, of mystery, around In Vitro Unplugged, something magical. It is empty inside, yet light - one of the most powerful forms of energy - arises from this very nothing. It is the unique and timeless combination of discreet elegance and the highest technology. "

Philippe Starck

The design concept

The In Vitro Unplugged wireless table lamp picks up the classic concept of the lantern, transforming it into an ultra-modern and highly technological project. Inside the head it hides a luminous disc - a LED source ultra-flat and circular, whose light is captured and diffused by an empty capsule, in watertight borosilicate glass, which appears as a magical volume of light.  

Wireless table lamp for residential and contract spaces that care about the poetic idea of ​​light and durability over time

Thanks to its timeless beauty and resistance to external agents, the In Vitro Unplugged wireless lamp finds a perfect application both in private residential projects and in other contract sectors, especially in hospitality. 

The lamp has very rare qualities for a rechargeable outdoor product: the high degree of watertightness, the discreet elegance and the emission of a soft and homogeneous light, respectful of both the person and the natural environment. In Vitro Unplugged is an outdoor product with a highly decorative value and at the same time technologically advanced. It manages to keep the timeless poetry of a mysterious and magical object, endowing it with high-tech features.

In Vitro Unplugged: the technical characteristics

The body of the lamp is made of die-cast and extruded aluminum, powder-coated and treated with highly technological processes for a high degree of protection from atmospheric agents. 

The lamp features a optical touch sensor for the ON / OFF function and for adjusting the light intensity in three steps: 100% -50% -3%. The recharge of the lamp takes place via a 120 cm long Micro USB-C cable, for a duration of up to 6 hours if adjusted to maximum intensity.

The refined finishes by In Vitro

In Vitro Unplugged is declined in a choice of unusual and refined nuances: black, white, anthracite, deep brown, forest green, pale green and terracotta. 

Materials: Borosilicate glass, aluminum
Light source:  Edge Lighting 2W - 200lm - 2700K / 3000K - CRI 90
Made in the following materials: black, white, anthracite, deep brown, forest green, terracotta, pale green

Where to buy the In Vitro Unplugged wireless table lamp

If you are interested in purchasing of the In Vitro Unplugged wireless table lamp or you want to know the price you can find it on Amazon to this link.

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