Matthew Crispiatico / Sitting Modular Duno

Matthew Crispiatico / Sitting Modular Duno it has been modified: 2012-05-08 di Ilaria Tamagnini

With science fiction shapes and genetic - molecular designs, Duno, the new modular seating system by the young designer Matteo Crispiatico, appears to be a real alien sculptural element.

Based on only three elements born of mathematical and geometrical studies, it allows you to create an endless array of chairs, small compositions as armchairs and sofas to real islands of public furniture for both indoor and outdoor spaces.


The merger, in the space style, shapes and lines between them by a new and revolutionary structure and makes the seat able to interact with any space, depending on the features and size.


Top view creates drawings that, as dense networks of molecules and / or genes, furnish space recalling the famous crop circles.


The seat was presented at the Salone Satellite 2012.

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