Manital: design and innovation at Made Expo 2012

Flat by Manital-1
Manital: design and innovation at Made Expo 2012 it has been modified: 2012-11-09 di Benedetto Fiori

At this 2012 edition of Made Expo, the handle company Manital presents its new products, characterized by technological innovation and design, in a totally renovated stand, designed by the architect and designer Mario Mazzer.

The collaboration with Mazzer, which has already led to the creation of the models Spoon, Taken and frogging, is strengthened this year with the project of a new handle, Cleinias, and two recessed handles for sliding doors, Flat and Otto.

Cleinias is a handle with square lines and balanced proportions that stands out for the handle downward sloping.

Cleinias by Manital-1

Cleinias by Manital-2

FLAT is an innovative system of recessed handles for sliding doors. In a single plate, which wraps the door on three sides, the opening and closing functions are integrated.

Flat by Manital

OTTO is a recessed handle for sliding doors, characterized by a design to "eight" which is derived by the interpenetration of the two circles, the upper one in which is located the opening function and the lower one for the closure.

Eight by Manital-

Eight-by Manital 2

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