Emilio Nanni / Croissant collection

Emilio Nanni / Croissant collection it has been modified: 2012-05-16 di Benedetto Fiori

Real success of 2011, sitting Croissant now sees an expansion of the collection: a distinct personality and declared contemporaneity, Croissant now comprises numerous variants, able to create environments homogeneous but never dull.

The new collection includes three models of stools, made of different heights and with the possibility of back; two models of tables, the floor alternately round or rectangular; and finally a revival of the lounge chair Croissant, whose novel coating pearl gray makes it particularly suitable in formal and elegant.
Characterized by a remarkable formal solidity, Croissant is made of natural or bleached beech, combined with a wide range of fabric colors. The single-color variants - with neutral and natural tones such as black, mud gray, white or bright colors such as yellow, red, teal blue and other shades of the RAL-NCS scale - instead make the color of the structure uniform with that of the cloth, fabric covering. , leather or eco-leather.

Designer: Emilio Nanni




Stool - Low: basic 46 / 47 cm, height 49 cm; Top: basic 47 / 52,5 cm, height 82 cm; 
with back: basic 47 / 52,5, height: 82 cm, seat height 99 cm.
Chair - base 49 cm, height 76 cm, seat height 48 cm.
Armchair - base 49/62 cm, height 76 cm, seat height 48 cm.
Lounge & Bar - base 60/72 cm, height 69 cm, seat height 41 cm.
Square table - base 100 x 100 cm, height: 75 cm.
round table - base 120 x 120 cm, height 75 cm.

Versions: chair, armchair, lounge, stool, tables
Colors and finishes: in a wide range of colors, upholstery cloth, fabric, leather, faux leather.

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