ecocentric ecodesign

ecocentric ecodesign it has been modified: 2012-02-07 di Annarita Mameli Violetta Canitano

Annarita Mameli, artist of creative recycling, Violetta Canitano, architect and designer. From our lucky meeting and the common passion for eco-sustainability, an exciting collaboration and an original creative project comes to life: Ecocentric Design WHAT WHAT IS REBORN.

And it is in fact, from the recycling of paper and cardboard that our creations come to life. The sturdy glued, folded, perforated and cut packaging takes on new life and is transformed into original eco-friendly design objects. From FURNITURE ACCESSORIES to solid and resistant CARDBOARD FURNITURE, made of double and triple corrugated, with a technique of interlocking crosspieces, designed to make the furniture resistant. Creations with a strategically captivating design to surprise and sensitize the consumer on the importance of waste recycling as a resource.Our products, all unique pieces or limited series, are entirely handcrafted, with only natural glues, non-toxic colors and ecological water-repellent paints . Recyclable, light, resistant, cardboard offers infinite possibilities of sizes, shapes and decorations, making all our creations customizable.







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