Surreal and unconventional lighting: David Lee's Ugly Ducting

Ugly Ducting: The Surreal Illumination of David Lee. This innovative design takes inspiration from scribble and ducting tubes, transforming irregular lines of light into a three-dimensional lamp that appears to float.


King +: when the recycled plastic becomes design

Eco-sustainable design through plastic recycling is the core business of Re +


When design becomes DIY

The crisis is known, sharpens the wits. In addition to the products on the market, there are many possibilities to make a good design article ourselves.


Rememberme Casamania - the chair in recycled jeans

The momentum towards the future and the will to keep the past alive coexist in Rememberme Casamania!


Leonia project

Leonia project: A web platform on creative reuse with best practices and standards for designers and artists. Leonia is a research project conceived and developed by Izmo, aimed at providing designers and artists with a theoretical and normative basis for the use of reuse and self-construction methodologies in the context of urban redevelopment.