The pallet office, Most Architecture

The staff of Most Architecture has been called to realize the furnishing of the spaces of Brandbase, an advertising agency in Amsterdam, using a budget of 50.000 euro and with the possibility of using only recyclable material. The result is a Pallet office, the same used for the transport and storage of materials.


ecocentric ecodesign

Annarita Mameli, artist of creative recycling, Violetta Canitano, architect and designer. From our lucky meeting and the common passion for eco-sustainability, an exciting collaboration and an original creative project comes to life: Ecocentric Design WHAT WHAT IS REBORN.


Cartoon / Roberto Giacomucci

Cartoon, Roberto Giacomucci, explores the combination of playful spirit and sustainability: just a bit of imagination and this pendant lamp seems


Harry Thaler, Pressed Chair

Pressed Chair is a project by Harry Thaler, a light and stackable chair in metal printed on a 2,5 mm aluminum sheet.