COMIC BEER Beers and comics: a perfect match

Comic Beer
COMIC BEER Beers and comics: a perfect match it has been modified: 2019-02-22 di Benedetto Fiori

After the success of Librottiglia, a product that combines wine tasting with the reading of short stories, the agency of brand and product design Reverse Innovation surprises with another innovative proposal that combines two pleasures in an absolutely unique experience: Comic Beer, the comic beer.

The label of each bottle is an original accordion booklet with fun illustrated stripes to read while sipping one of the most popular drinks in the world. The first edition of Comic Beer presents three stories of the young and acclaimed Spanish illustrator Alberto Madrigal, combining his ironic and personal stylistic imprint to one to three teas of craft beers.

"The technology and the headache" - in which the author ironically recounts his epic search for a solution for chronic migraine crises - is the title that accompanies the Saison-style blonde with abundant foam, lively perlage, fruity and floral bouquet with slightly acidic hints of wet hay .

We laugh at the dilemmas of the couple relationship in "If you do not clean your house, the house gets dirty", strip associated with another lager beer that recalls the traditionality of unfiltered German Weisse, with its classic aromas of wheat and sweet fruit, white and creamy foam, opalescent straw yellow color.

Finally, "Graduation exam" it is the nice and sensitive reflection on the crisis of the writer chosen as a partner of the amber-colored Irish Red Ale, with its white and compact foam, surprising notes reminiscent of milk chocolate and aromas of roasted malts with a hint of hazelnut.

“The more than positive experience of Librottiglia pushed us to expand its concept, combining two other passions of many people. Beer and comics go together beautifully! They are informal, but they can have substance at the same time; they are good for practically any moment and are two pleasures that work very well on the concept of "immediate satisfaction" - beer because if it is not drunk in a reasonable time it heats up and the comic because it usually concentrates a complete story in a few frames "explains Mirco Onesti, partner and creative director of Reverse Innovation. "Our idea is to recreate a periodic appointment for this product similar to the traditional waiting on the newsstands for a comic lover", complete.

Comic Beer can be purchased through the site , available single or tris.

Comic Beer

Comic Beer

Comic Beer

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