Chiara, the nun-shaped lamp by Mario Bellini for Flos, 2020 reissue

Chiara lamp by Mario Bellini for Flos, 2020 reissue
Chiara, the nun-shaped lamp by Mario Bellini for Flos, 2020 reissue it has been modified: 2021-07-25 di Benedict Flowers

Chiara is an iconic lamp designed for Flos in its first version in 1969 by Mario Bellini, it consists of a single sheet of shaped and rolled steel, at the base of which the light source is placed, hidden by the structure of the lamp itself. The idea of ​​the Chiara lamp was born from the need for to have light without seeing its sourceThe detail of the positioning of the light bulb is therefore the key to the project. The light it emanates is reflected and diffused by a large 'hat' that resembles the wimple and veil of a nun.

“When evening comes you have to turn on the light. I don't like lamps that show light bulbs because they annoy the eyes. So I have always designed lamps as I like them. Thinking first about how to do the right thing when it gets dark and then about the shape to give to this light. So I designed a lamp in the shape of a nun that lets the light come out of her white hat ”.

Mario Bellini, Design explained to children, Bompiani, 2018

The origins of the Chiara lamp project

Chiara is a soft construction simply rolled up on itself. Bellini started the project in 1968 with some paper models. The character of its light is dynamic because it originates in the base, then hits the upper screen which reflects it and then opens into the environment when it diffuses it. However, even when turned off this lamp imposes itself with a strong and charismatic identity, whose image is itself a project, an instance and a staging. 

“It all happened like this, it happened just like that, a few tears here and there and the paper wrapped around my hand took on, with its three-dimensionality, the image I was looking for. The drawings came later ". 

Mario Bellini in Enrico Morteo (edited by), Mario Bellini. Furniture, machines and objects, Phaidon, 2015

Technological details and new table version for the 2020 reissue

The 2020 re-edition di Chiara has new technologically advanced details, such as the light source - updated with LED source - the rubber profiling, and includes two models: the classic floor version, stainless steel, e a new, smaller, tabletop model, made of aluminum and available in various finishes: aluminum, dark gray and rose gold.


Floor model: polished stainless steel, rubber
Table model: aluminum, rubber

Made in the following materials: 

Floor model: polished stainless steel with black border
Table model: aluminum / anthracite, dark gray / olive green, rose gold / oxide red

Light sources: 

Floor model: LED 15W - 2000lm - 2700K - CRI≥80, with integrated dimmer
Table model: LED 10W - 800lm - 2700K - CRI≥80, with integrated dimmer LED 8W - 700lm - 2700-3000K - CRI≥80

Where to buy the Chiara lamp by Mario Bellini for Flos reissue 2020

If you are interested in purchasing of the Chiara lamp by Mario Bellini for Flos or would you like to know its price you can find it on Amazon in the new tabletop version to this link in aluminum / anthracite color e here in rose gold / oxide red color.

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