Urban origami installations

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Urban origami installations it has been modified: 2017-12-15 di socialdesign magazine

Urban origami installations is the latest project by the French artist Mademoiselle Maurice, which has invaded the walls of some peripheral streets of Vietnam, Hong Kong and France with its 'vietnam and hong kong installation' and 'hexagon rainbow' installations.

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The color spectrum created with the various origami transforms each wall into a painting that is visible to everyone. The artist's operation is now internationally known as a manifestation of his pacifism but not only, following the spills of the Fukushima nuclear power plant the artist has committed to participate in the tribute in honor of Sadako Sasaki, a survivor of the bomb Hiroshima.

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The artist's street art works are made with hundreds of origami with various geometric shapes and bright colors, which juxtaposed to each other form even larger and gorgeous designs. Following this theme, he created the installation and addressed it "to all the victims of violent actions in the world ..." the work of Hong Kong is instead a commentary on spiritual freedom and encourages "to be as independent as you wish" while the work in Vietnam it represents people on all sides, peasants, students, workers and soldiers.

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