Interactive water light graffiti wall

graffiti 01
Interactive water light graffiti wall it has been modified: 2017-12-15 di Social Design Magazine

Interactive water light graffiti wall is an installation created by Digitalarti Artlab of the French residence designer Antonin Fourneau is a wall made with thousands of LED bulbs that light up after coming into contact with water.

graffiti 03

graffiti 04

This splendid installation was created in Poitiers, France and is absolutely public, so anyone who steps can intervene and "draw" what he wants on the wall.

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The drawings take shape either with water guns, with your hands or with a brush or even a spray can, the important thing is to have a message to convey. Interactive water light graffiti wall creates an interactive public and urban space that visually communicates indeteriorable messages.

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