openARTmarket, Contemporary art between cultural and market promotion

openARTmarket, Contemporary art between cultural and market promotion it has been modified: 2024-05-12 di Antoinette Campilongo

Following the great success of the first two editions of openARTmarket in Rome downtown, neighborhood Rule, opens Saturday, March 17 the third round at the space show. openARTmarket is an exhibit-market for the meeting of admirers and emerging artists.

Give contemporary art the ability to open up new spaces for dialogue and encounter with a sensitive audience of admirers, although of limited economic opportunities, is the purpose which it presents openARTmarket, an innovative project in which 'work and artist 'come out of the logic of the exceptional and elite collectors to become a means of social communication, as well as aesthetic. The idea of ​​the project is to create an exhibition in the center of Rome-permanent market, where the public can begin to choose works for his own collection, and has helped to take the art with a little 'more than lightness, approaching the themes and styles of expression also following your instinct. The intention of its creator, Antonietta Campilongo - architect and curator of events, for years active in the organization of contemporary art in Italy and abroad - in fact there is a need to create a place where to make direct contact between the emerging artist and the audience that looks to contemporary art; a real 'market' where to look, discuss, choose and, above all, buy contemporary art at very content (between 49 and 999 EUR); a meeting place where to give visibility and recognition to the artist and his dignity as creator of art, paid for his work and for his social function, and where to allow an audience of users, interested in art contemporary, the opportunity to acquire works of genuine artistic value.


A concept of modern alternative to the 'arts-star' got the reputation, overvalued in the international circuits of large collections, difficult to access by the general public, and especially alternative to the "art reproduction and replication", which together with a widespread production of lower quality, is one of the surrogate which draws a considerable part of the audience. A potential market that if re-directed could transpose and revitalize the work of emerging artists by giving them a role and value of creative production. The exhibition space will be made at show, in Santa Maria in Monticelli 66 (Largo Argentina), where you will find the work of emerging artists at the national and international catalogs and presentation materials, and which will also be made periodically reviews in which will be presented to the public new talents. Alongside the creator of the project will be partners standing expertise in article marketing.


A particular section will be devoted to the art of recycling to promote a new way of thinking about our consumerist lifestyles. Through the enhancement of “waste” as objects useful for living a creative and educational experience that respects the environment, new life will be given to materials that would otherwise be thrown away because they are apparently worthless. To the frequent question about the different paths and purposes of artistic expression, the exhibition responds with the specific intent of raising awareness of artists and the public on ecological criticalities, supporting every useful path to invest resources and energy in the processes of reuse of disused objects and materials.
Partner for Art of recycling will NwArtSection of the Association Neworld always present in the art scene, with the aim to follow the social and environmental concerns of our time.


Name of event: Third Edition openARTmarket - Contemporary art between cultural promotion and market - operas in 49 999 € uro 
Gender: Concept Art by Antonietta Campilongo
Organization - Press Office: nwArt 
Period: 17 2012 from March to April 28 2012 
Location: Show 
Address: Via Santa Maria in Monticelli 66 
City: 00186 Rome 
Vernissage: Saturday March 17 212 18.00 hours 
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 15.30 - 19.30 
Entrance: sweeper 
Sarah Arensi, Rosella Barretta, Mauro Benedetti, Bruno Bufalino, Adriana Cappelli, Antonella Catini, Patrizia Di Poce, Ecocentriche (Annarita Mameli and Violetta Canitano), Pier Maurizio Greco, Sante Muro, Francesco Rosicarelli, Matteo Rosicarelli, Angela Scappaticci. 
Special guests: 
Title: Rome or Death 
Artist: JPT (Philip James Thompson) 
Info: Tel. 339 4394399 - 392 0861275

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