Salone del Mobile 2015

Preview Salone del Mobile 2015: Tonelli design features Kart and Perseus

Kart Tonellidesign
Preview Salone del Mobile 2015: Tonelli design features Kart and Perseus it has been modified: 2015-04-06 di jessica zannori

Presented in 2014 in New York, to celebrate 10 years of collaboration with Karim Rashid, Kart will be one of the protagonists of Tonelli Design's 2015 Collection. 

Kart is a wet bar by the big wheels glass that become carriers and iconic elements of the project.

Kart presents itself as an important piece of furniture capable of influencing an environment thanks to the glass structure that allows a glimpse of the silhouettes of the objects stored in it.

Perseus Tonellidesign

A dining table that recalls the classic wooden table but which, thanks to the important presence of glass, takes on an experimental and aesthetically new connotation. The minimal intervention of the wood, which in fact occupies only a part of the legs, is highlighted by 40mm thick welded glass plates that best express the company's character: the solid design balance between form and function.

In this project, signed by the designer Paolo Grasselli, the materials help and enhance each other: thanks to the transparency of the glass the constructive lines of the structure become legible, on the other hand the wood evokes architectural memories and favors a living versatility of the product within the spaces.

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