A touch of Italian mastery: Italamp unveils the Margot and Egle chandeliers

Italamp presents two new chandeliers, Margot and Egle, which combine design and decorative innovation.

Architecture News

AGC Coating on Demand: The Secret Behind the Glass Facade of the St. Regis Chicago

From concept to realization, the glass facade of the St. Regis Chicago was created thanks to AGC Glass Europe's innovative customized service, Coating on Demand (COD).


Avoid bird collisions with Saflex® FlySafe ™ 3D PVB without compromising the visibility or aesthetics of the glass facades

Eastman introduces Saflex® FlySafe ™ 3D PVB interlayers, a highly effective way to avoid bird collisions with glass facades, without compromising visibility.

design News

Supersalone 2021: LAGO presents a preview of three new products that play with the transparency of glass

Madia 36e8 Glass, Madia NOW and Meet Table, designed by Daniele Lago, are some of the new products that LAGO will be showing at Supersalone in Milan from 5 to 10 September.


Quari, the bathroom furniture by Novello that is inspired by Venetian craftsmanship

In the design of Quari reverberate the Venetian craft traditions, primarily that of the master glassmakers who worked the frames and the square-shaped glass, the "quari" precisely, to make mirrors.