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The decoration of the walls of the living room with art prints

The decoration of the walls of the living room with art prints it has been modified: 2016-10-08 di pixtury

The living room is an extremely important place in the furnishing of a home. It is the central point of our home, where we spend our time together with the other inhabitants of the house, where we relax to read a book or watch television and where we stop to chat. Furthermore, it is the room where we generally receive our guests and which plays the role of a “representative room” towards the outside.

For these reasons, living room furniture is extremely important and must be organized on the basis of the atmosphere we want to create in our home and the style of furniture we have chosen. In this sense, the decoration of the walls plays a fundamental role. As we all know, images have a very strong expressive power and capture the attention of visitors much more than a piece of furniture or a carpet. For this reason, often a wrong painting can give a negative feeling to rooms furnished otherwise with great care, or, on the contrary, give a strong positive note to poorly decorated rooms.

The typical atmosphere to be recreated within this environment is inspired by calm and tranquility. We therefore give space to images of landscapes in the warm light of day, to mountain paintings bathed in the blue of skies and lakes, to sea prints with the brilliant reflections of the sun on the water.

In a house that suffers from low light, with excessively dark walls and furniture, we can radically renew these sensations by exploiting paintings with a strong visual impact. Color is the ideal solution, to be exploited mainly in its warm (red, orange and yellow) and bright colors. Movement is another very useful feature: prints with objects or means of transport (such as cars, trains and buses) in motion can liven up the environment with their dynamism.

To find the right images for the walls of our stay, we can explore an e-commerce site that offers a selection of prints on canvas to buy our works directly online.

If the living room we want to furnish is inspired by the modern style, the images to choose must integrate well with the rest of the furniture. In this case, we can be inspired by:

  • Black and white images, which return a particularly refined and elegant effect
  • Images with geometric lines and smooth textures, which are well suited to the characteristics of order and linearity of the modern style
  • Images of objects and metal structures, as they accord with generally used in this style materials

For inspired décor instead to more classic styles, like the Romantic Provencal or Shabby Chic, the images to be selected are very different genre. For example, we can use:

  • Pictures of landscapes: the countryside, hills, green meadows inspired by the colors of the French countryside of its Provencal style
  • Images with objects or wooden furniture, more or less ruined, as those that are used in these styles
  • romantic images with shapes of hearts, widely used in Provencal and in Shabby Chic Style

At this point, decorating the living room walls correctly can seem like a very complex thing to study carefully. While it is true that there are rules to be respected to find the right balance in the general furnishing style of our home, it is also true that a certain freedom of expression is what makes our style truly "unique. ".















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