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PopJob Collection | Studio Job and Mirage

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PopJob Collection | Studio Job and Mirage it has been modified: 2017-01-24 di mirage2016

A collaboration between Studio Job and Mirage born POPJOB collection, developed with the aim of exploring the ceramic material according to a new point of view, to create a new collection that can enjoy a diversified and innovative approach.

In fact, contrary to the typical uncertainty that characterizes the contemporary decorative arts, Studio Job is revolutionizing the usual perception of gender, through the exploitation of expressions like the opulence, the decoration and the complexity of its design, while maintaining a strong link with the manual and craftsmanship of the highest level. Their motto and motivation is represented by maximalism, which generates real stories, innovative artistic and visual manifestations.

In this context that the POPJOB collection, as an expression of the typical style of Studio Job


The collection POPJOB created by Mirage It detaches from any imitative canon, typical of the ceramic industry, exploring an alternative style, graphic, colorful and provocative.
The color range is split 7 colors, characterized by neutral tones and pastel tones.
The area is lapped and shining, and is obtained through the innovative technique "twin-surface": the use of thick glass applied on the porcelain surface through an absolutely innovative technology for an industrial material, which guarantees color development only one for intensity.

The effect is that of a hyper-polished product, from intense pigmentation, which enhances the effect of chromatic saturation of colors: these are the basic elements of the collection and required by Studio Job for the desired effect for the maximalist POPJOB project .


The POPJOB project is versatile and usable, and is designed according to a logic of product that does not forget the end use of the material: is a game of elements that combine to create and exchange floors, carpets and ceramic coatings with a unique style. The collection goes perfectly with various types of different and current styles: from the northern to the elegant, neo-classical to contemporary.

POPJOB adorns the house with its modernity and its colors, creating a comfortable and refined, where nothing is left to chance.

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