Vasco Pinto Alves / "Manta" and "Manta +", for dandave ® tables

Vasco Pinto Alves / "Manta" and "Manta +", for dandave ® tables it has been modified: 2012-05-12 di vasco alves

This small table 900x450x450mm, is the result of continuous research on the reuse of industrial waste - that have already been evaluated according to their characteristics and their ability to develop new objects (one or a small number) with them - the challenge is to to avoid the production of more waste.

Transformation processes than those of bonding and thermoforming have been avoided.
In order to emphasize the message, "the waste has value", a small jar will be placed on the table. The look and feel is that of a "carpet-like-object" that acquires new life and form, ironically claiming to strengthen the role of design in a continuous questioning / analyze the environment, users and what are the intermediaries between us and our environment: objects!

Designer: Vasco Alves Pinto




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