Ecocentric at Smart Place of Casaidea 2013

chair 360
Ecocentric at Smart Place of Casaidea 2013 it has been modified: 2013-04-11 di Annarita Mameli Violetta Canitano

Within the Smart Place, a space curated by the architect. Michele Fanfulli, dedicated to art, music, food, design, they take the body of the artisan craftsmanship and high-tech manufacturing, ecocentric, on the occasion of Casaidea 2013, Will present its latest creazionidi ecodesign. Lamps made from original materials in the most unusual creative relook, up to furnishings, ecocentric, Reuse materials almost never "noble" to produce innovative design objects and at the same time environmentally friendly.

Each creation is designed and built in limited series with great attention to the environment, using non-toxic paints and adhesives ecological. Each piece is also customizable to "measure of home." A simple fruit box becomes a small magazine rack, And a network of ties electrician turn into a nice lamp colorful and witty, Old hats grandmother in graceful lamp shade, even in the kitchen are materials to be transformed ... into a comfortable armchair. Inside the event, held some ecocentric workshop on the theme of recycling to which the public can participate in creating objects with recycled materials. This and more by visiting the 1 pavilion of the New Fair of Rome from the 20 28 April.

drinks cabinet

chair spot rows web

box doodle

chair relook web square table-modified 2

lamp t shirtballoon upright webscribble letters modified-2lamp black hatlight blue hat

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