Yoin and Mooni / Solar lamps to LED

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The Japanese studio Yoin, in collaboration with Mooni, a Swedish solar lighting brand, has created a series of LED lamps that work with sunlight, recharging automatically during the day to then be able to have an autonomy of six hours.

"Chochin", is inspired by a traditional Japanese lantern and can also function as an object holder. “Ishicoro”, which means “stone”, has a solar panel installed inside which creates a delicate luminous object.

"Sand" instead it has the shape of a classic hourglass and is equipped with a flickering LED that allows different effects by simply turning the lamp upside down just like you would with a real hourglass. “Spot” is an outdoor lamp fixed to a pole that sticks into the ground, has a simple and minimal shape and is suitable for both public and private environments.

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