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RiartEco 2013 IN FLORENCE AND GENOA it has been modified: 2013-05-02 di JOHN BALDINI

From Florence, Genoa, recognition to the rejection of 30 artists from all over Italy, in RiartEco 2013With works made from waste and scrap materials. "The goal - says the president of the organizing association, the POP point of presence Marco Pasqualin - It is to raise awareness through art to make less waste, consuming less is better and can reduce the packagings. The artists show great love, great respect for the land simply mettedo foreground refusal donating a role of excellence and huge resource. "

participate: Eleonora Mariotti, Stefania Verderosa, Roberta Gandolfi, Andrea Sergio Lagomarsino, Scarlett Ricci, Raphael Nardi, lüfer, Irene Sarzi Amadè, Antonio Gambardella, Alessandra Guenna, Antonella Brusati, Roberto Garbarino, Benedetta Jandolo, Chiara Scaglia, Stefania Pallotta, Attilio Maxena Alessandra Spanish La Carmela Salandra by, Orietta Bellandi, John Baldini, Mariantonia Soncini, Francesca Ghizzardi, Paolo Lo Giudice, Rossana Chiappori, Beppe Gromi, Romina De Carlo, Mds! Benedetta Grind, out of competition Almir de Leo and Aldo Celle

RiartEco 2013, recognition rejection
inauguration in Florence, 6 May 17,00 hours
inauguration in Genoa, 15 May 11,00 hours

patronages: City of Florence, Genoa City
edited by: Marco Pasqualin and Aldo Celle

Oblate, Via dell'Oriuolo FirenzeFrom the 6 12 May 2013
Loggia of the Merchants, Piazza dei Banchi, Genoa From the 15 25 May 2013

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