ANGIE PORTABITI, Design Giulio Iacchetti

Toscanini Angie Collection Giulio Iacchetti
Toscanini Angie Collection, Giulio Iacchetti
ANGIE PORTABITI, Design Giulio Iacchetti it has been modified: 2019-08-12 di Benedetto Fiori

Designing something innovative that is functional and design in the world of hangers might seem a challenge.

From the collaboration between the company Toscanini and the well-known designer Giulio Iacchetti instead an original and unique idea of ​​its kind was born: the collection of Angie hangers dedicated to the interior and contract world.

It is a different way of telling this element of everyday life while maintaining a recognizable and familiar image of an object that represents one of the most powerful expressions of anonymous design.

"What can you design as an alternative to an object so sedimented in the collective imagination, so formally resolved and so immediate in its simple function as a clothes hanger? With the Angie project - says Giulio Iacchetti - first of all I wanted to tackle a “system” issue. There are hangers for jackets and shirts, for trousers and skirts… what about a single hanger that can adapt to the various functional needs listed above, drawing on a small repertoire of accessories? "

This line offers an aesthetically very pleasant anti-theft hook and is dedicated to the world of hospitality, where hangers are usually fixed and an integral part of the cabinets. Instead, the peculiarity of the Angie model is the possibility of separating the hook, which remains hanging from the wardrobe rod, from the hanger with a "magnetic" rotation, allowing greater practicality in its use.

The Angie hanger also has another unique and distinctive feature: resting on a surface, it remains perfectly in a vertical position. In this way it lets itself be appreciated in the round, highlighting its exquisite workmanship and the solidity of solid wood, further reinforcing the dignity of a tool as humble as necessary for our daily life.

Toscanini Angie Collection Giulio Iacchetti

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