Washbasin WOODWASH: design sink in wood

Washbasin WOODWASH: design sink in wood it has been modified: 2013-04-05 di Arredif

We are definitely and fully in the future of design.
The classic vintage furniture, with its sweet and harmonic lines has finally abdicated in favor of modern, minimalist style.
The major furniture companies and the best designers are concentrated in identifying new materials, innovative finishes and lines more and more futuristic. nell 'bathroom furniture very often gives way to technical ceramic materials, such as resins, Corian and vetroresine, steel, glass and mirrors. The desired effect is always minimal, understated elegance of the lines, square shapes.

To those who complain about a certain coldness of this style it comes to help a line of highly innovative products, combining the furniture minimalism modern bathroom to the ancestral wood heat.

La Fiorelli furnishingsIn fact, has created a washbasin made entirely of wood, named WOODWASH.
The lines are squared and rigorous, but the warmth of the wood makes the sink very "alive" and elegant. The washbasin WoodWash can be accomplished in many essences (teak, oak, doussie, iroko, zebrano and wenge) and in two variants: one suspended and one to support.

There is a catalog with the various models and sizes, but the very interesting detail of this sink is that it can be made "to measure" without price increases. This particular opportunity definitely allows greater customization of the basin area, which can adapt to the architectural situation of each bathroom.

To all those who might doubt the "resistance" of the wooden sink, furniture Fiorelli provides exceptional stability and an extraordinary resistance
water and wear. the washbasin Woodwash, In fact, it is made of solid wood in double layer, with special joints: the high-quality adhesives and protective resins do the rest, ensuring a "life" of the secure and lasting labavo.

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