TOBIA Floor and wall lamp by Ferruccio Laviani

TOBIA Floor and wall lamp by Ferruccio Laviani it has been modified: 2022-04-27 di Benedetto Fiori

Tobia is a portable "luminator", a "handmade", almost nomadic piece: a floor lamp characterized by the central play of the tube, which invites you to grasp, and by a powerful direct light projected upwards, which becomes by refraction ambient diffused light. Flexibility and function are its strengths. The central node is not just a graphic gesture, but allows you to move
easily the lamp.

“Tobia is an example of how simplicity can have character. The lightness of a sign that becomes an object, almost a childish drawing that outlines a body and a shape to describe a function. It's a project that has been with me for a long time ".

Ferruccio Laviani

Tobia is a high-performance lighting point, which never manages to be intrusive.

Ferruccio Laviani with this model offers a new interpretation of the traditional luminator, declining it in the discretion of the black and white versions and transforming it into a pop icon in fluo colors. Color plays an important role in defining its character, emphasizing or, on the contrary, camouflaging its presence.

Even in the wall version, Tobia maintains its portability, thanks to a special element that allows easy attachment to the wall. The central joint allows you to direct and adjust the light emitted by the two ends of the lamp as desired: upwards, a power light; downwards, a more subdued accent light.

Versatile and perfect in smaller environments, with his personality Tobia adapts to different uses, both in domestic and public spaces, where intense brightness is often required.

Tobias earth
l 22 × d 16,5 × h 175,2 cm
l 8 3/4 '' × d 6 1/2 '' × h 69 ''
Tobias wall
l 11,1 × d 11,4 × h 40,4 cm
l 4 3/8 '' × d 4 1/2 '' × h 15 7/8 ''
Materials: Liquid painted metal and aluminum.
Tobia floor - LED
Tobia wall —LED
Color: white, black, fluo yellow,
fluorescent orange, gold (wall only).

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