The 'surface design' or 'Touch Design': furniture, Laurameroni Design Collection Art and Architecture

suface design
The 'surface design' or 'Touch Design': furniture, Laurameroni Design Collection Art and Architecture it has been modified: 2013-07-17 di RedOffice

The term, coined by the Italian magazine 'Interiors', identifies products that reinvent Laurameroni surfaces

'Surface Design' It is the neologism that describes the distinguishing characteristic of furnishing Laurameroni Design: Simple and linear shapes treated by a fine surface finishing. The furniture of the brand are made through the collaboration between architects and craftsmen to achieve the utmost attention to details.

Refined design and choice of materials: solid wood are used as raw material with precious woods such as rosewood, teak, walnut, wenge, maple, cherry and oak. Glass, metal, textiles, lacquers, full grain leathers dyed in barrels, plywood, veneer and thick strips. Stainless steel, natural brass, burnished copper and brushed copper lend light and materiality to the products, entirely finished with wax. Furniture of superior craftsmanship and design that exceed the limits of industrial production, turning to clients looking for a furnished and unique.

The attention to the treatment of surfaces is expressed in collections like 'Graffiti', the 'Intarsia' and 'Sculptures' that, already from the name, evoke tactile sensations. The surface design features, including the products, the door 'Letter' by the graphic decorations in relief and the door 'Wave' from wavy protrusions that create a play of light and shadows, both designed by Paolo Rizzatto idea of ​​graphic design by Italo Lupi. Many doors, decorated with designs and different woods, allow you to create a customized product every time and space architectural and decorative diversified.

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