FREGIO by Foscarini: Artistic lighting that recalls the splendor of the art of the past

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FREGIO by Foscarini: Artistic lighting that recalls the splendor of the art of the past it has been modified: 2023-08-01 di Benedetto Fiori

FREGIO di Foscarini” is a new lighting project created by Andrea Anastasio in collaboration with the Gatti artistic workshop in Faenza. This pendant and wall lamp represents a marriage between the contemporary and the ancient, integrating traditional art and craftsmanship with an innovative design.

FREGIO by Foscarini is a lighting project created by the designer Andrea Anastasio. It combines ancient artistic and craftsmanship know-how with a contemporary approach to light and design. This suspension and wall lamp is a plastic representation of Foscarini's interest in proposing new expressive languages ​​in the field of lighting.

The project is inspired by a floral bas-relief in glazed ceramic, originally made by the historic Gatti artistic workshop in Faenza. The collaboration with this workshop has been particularly significant, as it is known for its collaborations with illustrious artists of all ages.

FREGIO evolves from a previous research project called “Battiti”, which explores the value and meaning of decoration through the integration of light and ceramics. In the initial phase of Battiti, Anastasio worked on Gatti's archives, dissecting and rearranging the fragments of the bas-reliefs with cuts of light, giving life to new forms and meanings.

FREGIO is presented as an ornamental lamp that freely experiments with decoration. Anastasio didn't try to simply add decorative signs, but rather to generate new ones, with a very contemporary compositional approach based on the logic of cut-and-paste. The goal was to create a complex and fascinating composition, but one that was also generated by a simple gesture, so that the viewer could gradually discover the image as a whole.

The FREGIO lamp has a horizontal design and a strong decorative presence. The suspension version is ideal for illuminating tables or desks, as it allows the light to be directed both downwards and upwards. The ceramic sections are anchored to a metal profile containing the LEDs via two straps placed at the ends, thus uniting two contrasting dimensions: on the one hand, the contemporary element and the constructive mechanics; on the other, the decorative floral ornament.

FREGIO has a double register, functional and narrative, which allows it to interact with the space even when it is off. It is available in two sizes: 120 cm for the suspension version and 75 cm for the wall version. Proposed colors include white and matte beanie, as well as glossy red.

In summary, the FREGIO by Foscarini represents an elegant fusion between tradition and modernity, exploring the relationship between light, volume and decoration. The creation of him involves the work of craftsmen and designers, with a result that offers an extraordinary lighting experience in both functional and aesthetic terms.

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