AZHAR / Studio Santantonio Design for Ca'Belli Light

Azhar 01 white suspensions
AZHAR / Studio Santantonio Design for Ca'Belli Light it has been modified: 2012-09-07 di Benedict Flowers

Nature has always suggested to many artists, whether poets, painters, sculptors, photographers, architects or designers to create a large number of ideas, to find in the newspaper a symbol: the strength of the beauty of the universe.

Born from this research collection AZHAR who wanted to capture the elegance, freshness, sinuosity of fl owers as debut works of Mother Nature to turn them into hanging lamps, wall lamps, ceiling and floor.

A new challenge that sees him affi ancati Santantonio Design Studio - Creator of this collection in fabric and metal - and Ca 'Belli Luce who, looking to the future, he has embarked on a new road made of different materials, colors and forms new ... with the same passion.

Azhar 03 mini white suspensions

Azhar 04 big white suspension

Azhar 05 detail white suspension

The models in the collection are:
- Lamps Suspensions Azhar SP 30 / 45 Azhar SP / SP Azhar 60
- Lamps & Puffs tto Wall Azhar PL 30 / 40 Azhar PL / PL Azhar 60
- Lamp PT Azhar Earth

Available materials and colors are:
- White Fabric
- Yellow Fabric
- Red Fabric
- Blue Fabric
- Eco-Leather White
- Eco-Leather Black

Azhar 07 colored suspensions

Azhar 08 color suspension

Azhar 11 detail EcoLeather black suspension

Azhar 14 white walls

Azhar 15 white walls

Azhar is composed of modular elements and it is therefore possible to realize projects at the request of any size and shape.

Azhar 16 white walls

Azhar 18 detail white ceiling

Azhar 19 white ceilings

Azhar 20-colored walls

Azhar 21-colored walls

Azhar 22-colored walls

Azhar 25 white-colored floor

Azhar 27 white floor

Azhar 30 colored floor

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