To__ You / Miriam Mirri for Alessi

TO YOU you design Miariam Mirri
To__ You / Miriam Mirri for Alessi it has been modified: 2012-09-07 di Benedetto Fiori

The collaboration between the designer Miriam Mirri and Alessi, who at Macef exposes his two new items, the cup and the TO__ cuocitè YOU

TO design Miriam Mirri

Born from a desire to Alessi: TO___ is a new mug by shims and thin that wants to continue the story scooped and teaspoon designed by Miriam Mirri some years before.
This new mug has behind the sign of a heart and in his name the intention of a dedication to someone special.
The sloping lines, asymmetries and fittings soft design gives it a dynamic character than the static nature of a traditional mug, usually cylindrical.

YOU design Miriam Mirri

Almost immediately born with the mug TO___ also cuocitè YOU: a single time for the collection of the leaves from the container and the preparation of the infusion directly into the mug.
It 'a cuocitè individual formed by a stainless steel plate wrapped in a conical shape for infusion of tea leaves and other beverages. The decoration is an openwork embroidery which incorporates some of the themes of the research on the design of fabrics that Miriam has done over the years with the development of the objects.
"As an arrow made from a sheet of paper with a message, a long spindle for manual weaving, a prosthesis for the fingers ...."
Miriam Mirri

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