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MOON. New iPad marble stand. UNIQUE, ELEGANT just like YOU!

MOON. New iPad marble stand. UNIQUE, ELEGANT just like YOU! it has been modified: 2015-05-18 di Michael Bertola


MOON the new support for tablets by desk at White Carrara marble.

Adjustable from 0 ° to 90 ° with the force of a finger and without the aid of any mechanical system, it aims to become the exclusive product for top managers and professionals who need to have a functional product and at the same time also perform an aesthetic and design function.

Thanks to its particular shape and simple and linear design, MOON has already struck the interest of hundreds of visitors to the MARMOMACC 2014 where he was exposed to the public for the first time. An object SOLE its kind. An object customizable and especially PERSONAL thanks to the material in which it was realized that pesenta veins and colors different from object to object.

20140927 164919MOON on display at the stand GR Marmi srl in Verona at the MARMOMACC 2014. Material: Calacatta Macchia Old

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Ideal for the office ...

fotobn 2

Also great for the home ...


Also perfect for the kitchen ...

It can be made in any type of material. Below are some examples with different types of marble.

18 picture

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Moon is a product patented distributed exclusively by Be-Different SRLs

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