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Bologna Design Week 2019: the fifth edition from the 23 to the September 28

bologna design week 2019
Bologna Design Week 2019
Bologna Design Week 2019: the fifth edition from the 23 to the September 28 it has been modified: +2019 di Benedict Flowers

On the occasion of the event cersaie 2019 - the International Exhibition of Ceramics for Architecture, promoted by Confindustria Ceramica - also this year Bologna has managed to put the spotlight on itself for the now famous Bologna Design Week now in its fifth edition. The city center will become the scene of a promotion to 360 of the most recent degrees creative and avant-garde research in the field of interior design, furniture and architecture.
The experience to which visitors from all over the world will take part - experts and amateurs in search of contemporary aesthetic trends - will be seasoned with the inevitable enhancement of the areas of the city center, which will host the installations selected for the current edition.
The exhibition of projects within historic buildings, deconsecrated churches and museum centers, which will be renewed and opened to the public for the arrangement of the various showrooms on the list.

The appointment for fans is in Bologna, from Monday 23 September to Saturday 28 September 2019, on the occasion of Cersaie. The opportunity is - like every year - worthy of the media, cultural and artistic attention of our country; flagship of the design in Emilia-Romagna, the multi-year experience has already had the opportunity to enrich the productive wealth of the region. The BDW 2019 will be again a moment of approach to contemporary trends, of research into innovative materials, and knowledge of avant-garde realities, aware of the need for constant experimentation. Previews, exhibitions, competitions, screenings and visits guided they will liven up the streets of the Bolognese center and will be able to open an unprecedented window on the world of design and architecture of our times.

The underlying theme of the awaited 2019 edition will be The city of wonders, realization of an ambitious and innovative project curated by Enrico Maria Pastorello (founder of the event and his General Manager), as well as by Elena Vai (the Creative Director of Design Week.)
The advances that have been revealed by the event's organizational center, allow to create a first thematic division of the topics of greatest interest belonging to this fifth edition of 2019. Among the many scheduled appointments, meetings and various talks in direct contact with the artists, we have selected some anticipation worthy of note.

Esprit Nouveau: le nouvel esprit des couleurs selon Le Corbusier

The promotion of the new exhibition - welcomed with great interest by the Bologna Museums Institution and the Emilia-Romagna region - sees for the first time in Italy an exhibition project promoted by theGigacer company and with the patronage of the Fondation Les Couleurs Le Corbusier. The exhibition aims to analyze with extreme care the relationship maintained by Le Corbusier with the theme of color, wisely used as a means of communicating the emotional sphere to arouse in visitors to his units of habitat. For those interested in his concept of "Polychromie architecturale", the appointment is within the recently restored Bologna Pavilion of the Esprit Nouveau (in the Square of the Constitution 11.)

Short films of Architecture and Design - Monday 23 September

The opening of the BDW 2019 foresees the presentation of the project conceived in collaboration with the Bologna Kinetic Foundation, which has decided to make available - from its historical archives - some of the most noteworthy films. The short films tell the experience of architecture, color and design within residential spaces. An event not to be missed for those interested in the start of the fifth edition of Bologna Design Week.

Giorgio Morandi and Morandi-esque: his exhibition universe

Morandi-esque is a commercial where you can view the works in digital printing and the models in 3D made by the students who took part in the workshop. Designed and conducted by Zaid Kashef Alghata (founder of House of ZKA and professor of Architectural Design at the University of Barhain) in the 2018, the latter represented a moment of approach to art and its architectural techniques.
The appointment is - as it is easy to understand - at the Morandi Museum.

Workshops and street events: Piazza Verdi and Via Zamboni

The collaboration with Corvino Produzioni allowed to reach the common realization of a project worthy of note, able to bring together the main interlocutors of the culture of the architectural jewel of the square. The exhibition is curated by Marcello Corvino in the ambit of Village Piazza Verdi, and is an unmissable event for those who want to deepen the value of the "open-air museum" represented by the host city, Bologna. Do not miss a must-see workshop in Via Zamboni, place of presentation of the project The Five Squares, by the Urban Innovation Foundation, the Department of Architecture of the University of Bologna, and the Rusconi Foundation. The goal of the meeting will be to temporarily reconfigure the city's public space through a design and self-construction intervention in favor of the university area.

Galleries and showrooms: Spazio B5, Insidedesign Studiostore, Glocal House

The most prestigious galleries of the Bolognese city have given rise to a large and very interesting list of highly specific exhibitions and displays. Among these, we remember B5 space with All Around Design curated by Lorena Aguilera; a meeting place between Italian and international suggestions, cleverly mixed with the conscious search for various creative contaminations. InsideDesign Studiostore meets in the former Church of Santa Maria della neve, then closing with the project of Glocal House with Design Notes for apartment music.

Design Night and Closing Party

Wednesday 25 September the appointment is in the streets of the historic center of Bologna, where unpublished shops and spaces will open up to 24: 00 to welcome visitors with new design proposals and interesting showrooms. The 28 September, instead, the most anticipated closing event of the BDW 2019 will allow direct dialogue between all the major players of the current edition. The splendid central location will be the background for designers, architects, creatives and designers of the Bologna Design Week edition.

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