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Ely Gattoni Rubinetteria. Geometries plastics for contemporary bathrooms.

Gattoni Rubinetteria, Ely
Gattoni Rubinetteria, Ely
Ely Gattoni Rubinetteria. Geometries plastics for contemporary bathrooms. it has been modified: 2016-09-02 di Gattoni Rubinetteria Press

In the new mixer Ely Gattoni Rubinetteria the geometric rigor of the volumes blends harmoniously with the plasticity of the lines. In fact Ely is distinguished by the body of a parallelepiped, terminating with the characteristic curve mouth, surmounted by the lever, which is also molded, but slender upwards.

"Ely was born from the objective of having a square and soft lines at the same time - explains the designer Marco Pisati, from whose hand the new proposal by Gattoni Rubinetteria was born - The design choice to have differing curvatures, which is a contrast between sharp lines and soft is extremely important because, by doing so, you create a formal movement, strong and original ".

The eye-catching design is enhanced by eleven different colors available for lever, including purple and blue pastel, obtained with thermosetting powder paint which, in addition to ensuring excellent durability of the finish in time, presenting rough to the touch, offers a ' fascinating sensory experience.

Furthermore, the mixer promotes water saving, thanks aerator aerator rectangular filter which is fitted, and which simultaneously allows to obtain a more efficient jet.

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