Matteo Thun / twenty small houses for guests of Longen-Schlöder cellar, among the orchards of the Moselle valley

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Matteo Thun / twenty small houses for guests of Longen-Schlöder cellar, among the orchards of the Moselle valley it has been modified: 2013-07-05 di Benedict Flowers

The Italian architect Matteo Thun shared and supported the idea of ​​the family Longen developing a project to expand and integrate existing production structure, in line with its holistic and sustainable approach to architecture. The complex was built in collaboration with the architect Stein-Hemmes-Wirtz for the management of the site and with landscape architect Johannes Cox for the project areas of the Verdi.

In an atmosphere of harmony and respect for nature, the 'Winery Longen cultivated for generations, with a long tradition, the slopes of the Mosel valley.
Surrounded by orchards, vineyards now houses the accommodation owned by the family Longen. An area of ​​6.500 m2, the new complex predisposes to a lifestyle in harmony with nature: a kind of village built to fully enjoy the experience of working and production of wine and fruit.

Nestled among the fruit trees the new intervention reflects the philosophy of the family Longen. Guests live surrounded by fruit trees - Lemons, walnuts, lime and chestnut trees - in small buildings of local stone, reminiscent of traditional wine cellars.

Each of the twenty small houses leads to a wooden terrace and a private garden. Raspberry hedges bordering the gardens where, on the terrace, you can enjoy the fruits of their harvest. Guests can also choose the type and characteristics of the gardens, from jardin potager, with traditional kitchen herbs, can take on different characteristics: shady gardens, English style, with fruit trees, or a fragrant rose garden. The design of 20 square meters of housing in slate, look at the brightness of the space, and the purity and simplicity of form. In the composition of the interior abound wood and shades of white, coupled with traditional fabrics and natural materials. The wooden floor connects the inside with the outside terrace, creating a fluid space and continuous, separated only by a large glass door.

The project was awarded the "Architekturpreis Wein 2013", Awarded by the Ministry for the environment, agriculture, food, forestry and viticulture in Rhineland-Palatinate, along with German Winegrowers Association and the Chamber of Architects of the same Land.

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