Plasma: exhibition of self-produced designer

Plasma: exhibition of self-produced designer it has been modified: ‭2013-07-04 di Benedict Flowers

PLASMA, Is the first of a series of events to be held on July at 4 TEN RED, The showroom on Via de 'Fossi 10 in Florence, will host a temporary exhibition of design objects designed by selected designers. The event is part of a cycle of initiatives, Which have as their goal, raising the profile of self-financed projects by the designers themselves, without the long-awaited mass production by companies and industries. A concrete opportunity for designers to enter the market with their brands and to sell their works directly. Ceramics becomes the star of an exhibition that will showcase, and direct sales, the various self-produced objects.

Ceramic is the first material selected to be able to create and model the various shapes conceived and conceived by the designers. The following events will bear, like Plasma, the name linked to the primary action, which will be carried out to transform the projects into real and tangible objects.

TEN RED, Architecture atelier in Florence, returns with this new appointment in collaboration with Daniel Canuti, in which the exhibits tell a new reality of design and its evolution.

Sum and complementarity, it is this very essence of TEN RED that thanks to this new series of events, materializes the idea of ​​starting the atelier: find, share, combine into a place designed and set up for the partner companies.

Florentine atelier turns into an innovative stage in which objects come to life expressing its materiality and the process that they have forged them. The product is said as an exclusive item and able to communicate the planning, production techniques and the persons who have contributed to its creation.

The elements that together make this synergistic container where the complementarity moderates are: St. Augustine for ceramics, Kreon for l'illuminotecnica Ponsi tap, Glass design for sinks and innovative materials, Oikos with its wall finishes, ITC developed for plasterboard Leitner with linen fabrics.

TEN RED is the space dedicated to the design of Florence, a place privileged meeting place for professionals and enthusiasts d'architettura, art and design. The exhibition concept is entirely new: a group of selected companies that offer the highest quality products, the attention of professionals sensitive to the needs of designers and a number of temporary exhibits to tell the design. TEN RED as sharing project of a multi-brand space in which to reflect on the interaction and synergy between subject and object to describe them in a simple but new and engaging way to create refined that air made of details and passion, luxury and sophistication.

For information: Daniel Canuti

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