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Architecture Matassoni / Paola Bocciarelli boutique it has been modified: 2024-05-17 di Benedetto Fiori

Installation project for a clothing store within the historic fabric of Montevarchi (Arezzo). Through the particular treatment of the walls and horizontal planes, the intervention aims to induce the user to use the available space in a dynamic way, creating a highly emotional environment, capable of exercising a sort of "emotional boost".

The elements in the game have been reduced to the minimum number, working only on the form and color of the two longitudinal walls sinuous, white and shiny, the lighting and the color of the horizontal surfaces and matt black. The environment thus assumes a strongly abstract; the floor and ceiling matt black tend to acquire depth giving a feeling of suspension. The walls instead, the real protagonists of the project, with their energetic forms, their cuts can "sculpt" the light and their shiny surfaces, refer to the memory images of half-submerged iceberg. The lamps appear to float on a liquid surface and help to create a strong feeling of "space submerged."

Project: Architecture Matassoni

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