The new Botanical Garden of Padua is also museum

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The new Botanical Garden of Padua is also museum it has been modified: 2014-10-10 di anna rarely

The Botanical Garden of Padua, inaugurated on September 15, 2014, was not only extended to the architectural limit with a 100 × 18 meter cube made up of large panels Venetian Glass, In which are preserved the species from five continents,

but also it gave rise to an exhibition that is punctuated by large glass panels. The visit to 5 new greenhouses develops two major themes: botany and the human-nature relationship.

The oldest botanical garden in the world is today also the most innovative. To tell each plant there is not only the Latin name of the individual species, typically reported on a tag, but also a compendium of information provided via an app and taken from vertical glass panels, positioned on the walls of each greenhouse, on which, with monochromatic graphics, all the information regarding habitat, characteristics of the species and curiosities are told.

The choice to use glass exclusively as a material for display, and in particular to print it with Cromoglass technology, was dictated by its characteristics of inalterability in conditions of high humidity and temperature, as well as continuous exposure to solar radiation, avoiding alterations colors, as it happens over time for the pigments of printing on paper.

The Cromoglass print is also back-printed so reflections are reduced to a minimum, thus facilitating reading and contributing to the spectacularity of large photographs which, printed at high resolution, accompany display cases with finds or interactive installations created in collaboration with dotdotdot.

The continuity of the printing of the image along the entire surface, and the effect that these are suspended, is made possible by the particular fixing system adopted which uses anchors that do not require through holes, the FZP-G by Fischer.

Furthermore, glass, as it is 100% recyclable, is also an environmentally friendly choice and therefore in line with the principles and values ​​of a place whose vocation is to preserve the world's botanical heritage.

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