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Alberto Apostoli for Eliseo Fashion Store it has been modified: 2013-02-11 di Benedetto Fiori


From solid experience in different design areas, Alberto Apostoli It transforms the traditional and historical shop in one Eliseo Caldiero Terme space dynamic, multi-sensory, full of beautiful spaces alternating between transparency and chrome reflections.

The concept behind the project, born from dualism creativity - rationalityAnd it is developed through a sophisticated use of shapes, lights and colors. Rationality is inherent in the use of square shapes made of glass and metal; creativity is mainly displayed by three elliptical elements that rise vertically from the floor up to shape countertops, contributing to the division of the retail space in three distinct areas: man, woman and young.

Apostles have approached the project attraversole knowledge of "Marketing and comunication knowledgment" that often characterize his work combined with different expertise in the media sector. important tools for emotional communication with customers are, for example, the display cases in the back illuminated crystal, the RGB lighting on ceilings or "hives" exhibition made of metal and glass.

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The LEDs, whose light, vertical and horizontal, is used by the Apostles as true coating material, run along tuttele main lines of negozioe of the furnishings, the latter turning into indirect light sources. All furnishings sonostati designed by the architect and are distinguished by the special glass melting and pearly white lacquered wood.

strongly characterizing is the big brown wall that is as "boxed" in a glass case, and inside which are postovetrine and mobile services in the chest area. Charming and elegant is the largest exhibition table near the entrance, made almost entirely of glass and partially lit inside. Important use of colors: mocha and beige for resin floors, dove for mobile and part of the floors and, finally, the red: color point that characterizes the particular session, tailored, and graphics.

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Dominate the scene the two changing rooms created inside the circular elements and covered with special backlit fabrics that create a three dimensional effect.

A space was also dedicated to a small bar wanted the property to "pamper" the best customers and made of stainless steel.

For "L'Eliseo", Alberto Apostoli has implemented a real action of "Brandesign" taking care, in addition to the aspects of architecture and interior design, also the communication ones with the creation of the new institutional logo and the advertising campaign. The exterior of the building has been completely reinterpreted through a particular surface finish that simulates a pearly-white stone and custom built recessed lamps. Additional full-height windows have also been created both on the parking side and adjacent to the man's area.

You enter the store through a fifth dark brown at whose right hand is positioned in the glass door at full height and to the left a corner window that is a genuine business of the store visit.

The architect summarizes the project: "Is a place of sale in which the emotion of the space and the different architectural and technological solutions integrates the excitement of the displayed product. The perception of the different areas tend to expand and extend the visual cones, the different scenarios and make it look like the product displayed true object of refined decor and well placed. "

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