Backstory in Rome: a 50s apartment transformed into a surreal dream by La Macchina Studio

The Study Machine Behind the Scenes ©Paolo Fusco
Backstory in Rome: a 50s apartment transformed into a surreal dream by La Macchina Studio it has been modified: 2023-09-24 di Benedetto Fiori

In the Appio Latino neighborhood of Rome, La Macchina Studio has transformed a 50s apartment into a surreal set that blends architecture, theater and design. With bold choices of materials and colors, the architects have created a unique space where reality and fiction mix, offering inhabitants an extraordinary experience.

In the heart of the Appio Latino neighborhood in Rome, where the charm of ancient history mixes with the liveliness of contemporary life, lies a 50s apartment that is much more than it seems. This extraordinary place has been transformed into a surreal set where reality and fiction dance in perfect harmony, creating an architectural masterpiece that defies all expectations.

Leading this breathtaking transformation is the Roman duo known as La Macchina Studio, whose founders, Gianni Puri and Enrica Siracusa, have a multidisciplinary approach to art and design. Their studio is the result of a synergistic collaboration between architecture, theatre, music and illustration. With a young client couple as their inspiration, these talented architects took a dated apartment and transformed it into an almost theatrical scene, highlighting the unique potential of the place.

One of the first steps in this incredible transformation was the recovery of the pre-existing Venetian terrazzo floor, an act of preserving the history of the place. However, at the same time, they have completely revolutionized the internal distribution to make room for a new architectural narrative. Their ability to blend past and present is surprising and clearly visible in the choices of materials and colors.

The living area, for example, is a bold statement of style and personality. Here, a clear band of black and Botticino marble divides the spaces, creating a surprising transition between the different functions. Along the corridor, the floor recalls the original design with a pink binder with pozzolana powder, while the bedroom is immersed in a warm embrace of brick red microcement. This combination of materials and colors creates a unique "collage" effect, which contrasts beautifully with the absolute white of the plastered walls.

But the real magic is found in the way La Macchina Studio played with the internal structure of the apartment. The architecture itself feels like a surreal theater piece, with surprises hidden in every corner. A blue-grey door flush with the wall leads to a salle de bain covered in white mosaic, creating a charming contrast with dark joints. This bathroom is crossed by an ogee passageway that reveals a rear wall glazed in a bold peacock color and a freestanding sink, lending a touch of elegance and mystery.

The finishing touch of this architectural work of art is a classic blue lacquered wooden arched door with wooden profile, which protrudes 70 cm towards the dining room. This central element in the living area serves to hide the view of the kitchen cabinets, adding a striking and theatrical element to the space.

The living room is the beating heart of the house, and here La Macchina Studio has truly given free rein to their creativity. A yellow curtain runs along the demolished wall, outlining the different areas and creating a soft border between the functions, as if it were a theatrical scenography.

In Backstage, La Macchina Studio has created not just a place to live in, but a true work of art in which the inhabitants are the protagonists of a surreal story. With bold color choices and clever design tricks, they made this apartment a unique and fantastical experience, showcasing the transformative power of architecture and proving that, sometimes, fact and fiction can truly merge into a surreal masterpiece.

La Macchina Studio Enrica Siracusa Gianni Puri ©La Macchina Studio
La Macchina Studio Backstage living room ©La Macchina Studio

project info

PROJECT NAME: backstage
STREET ADDRESS: Appio Latino neighborhood (Rome, Italy)
ARCHITECT: The Studio Machine (Gianni Puri, Enrica Siracusa)
CLIENT: Private
COMPLETION: August 2020

Venetian terrazzo floors
Microcement floors
Furnishings and craftsmanship in lacquered wood
Ceramic mosaic and wall enamel coverings



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