LAGO and Lombardini22 together for “Suite ONIRICA”: a new way of conceiving the hotel industry towards an increasingly hybrid, conscious and sustainable model.

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LAGO and Lombardini22 together for “Suite ONIRICA”: a new way of conceiving the hotel industry towards an increasingly hybrid, conscious and sustainable model. it has been modified: 2024-03-25 di aaapress

LAGO and Lombardini22 together for “Suite ONIRICA”: a new way of conceiving the hotel industry towards an increasingly hybrid, conscious and sustainable model.

LAGO design puts itself at the service of the interpretation of Lombardini22, Italy's leading design company. The ONIRICA project was presented in Rimini, a suite that will become part of MODE, the new hotel designed according to a sustainable accommodation model.

In recent days, in the Fellini-like setting of the Cinema Fulgor, it was officially presented ONIRICA, the sustainable suite born from the collaboration between the Lombardini22 design company and the leading interior design company LAKE. A “never seen” LAGO looks like this at the service of the ideas of architects and interior designers, who, by reinterpreting the company's products according to their design vision, renew their DNA.

An ambitious collaboration, therefore, which aims to define new standards of sustainability in the hotel world: a 360° synergy to rethink hospitality models, experimenting with new solutions for the customer that are relevant and able to respond to real needs. The philosophy of LAKE, in its design division Contract LAB, born in collaboration with MAD051, thus joins the design thinking of Eclettico – brand of Lombardini22 specialized in hospitality – for the new MODE Hotel, the first green hotel in Rimini for which the entire supply chain was selected on the basis of criteria based primarily on environmental sustainability, energy saving and the use of clean energy, the use of natural and recycled materials , against waste and pollution.

The inspiration comes from the dreamy and magical atmospheres of Fellini's films, circus balances and nocturnal references to the Riviera in a counterpoint of carefully calibrated elements. Formally ONIRICA is visionary but the design and material choices have the aim of uniting two apparently distant worlds, luxury and ESG, and the ambition, through targeted architectural choices, to educate those who use it to a new awareness, without giving up the hospitality experience that wants to guarantee total comfort and relaxation. Courageous choices were included in this vision right from the first design steps to reduce the environmental impact of the Onirica suite, such as the selection of floors whose assembly did not involve the use of glues and therefore with agile removal designed to facilitate reuse and avoid waste, textile components made with materials recovered from the oceans, low-flow taps.

In this context, LAGO supplied all the furnishing elements of the suite, boasting a streamlined production line through a certified process that allows us to make the most of the potential of materials such as glass which - through patented technologies such as XGlass - has been able to be enriched with different textures. All this, in a four-week production line that starts when the order is confirmed: a certified process that allows us to reduce storage spaces and therefore consumption. The packaging is also green: all the elements for the creation of the suite are delivered in recyclable packaging. Furthermore, the surfaces of the suite are covered with Photosan, a paint with photocatalytic characteristics that significantly reduce harmful substances and ozone present in the air.

“We are proud to work with Lombardini22, the first studio in Italy - commented Daniele Lago, CEO & Head Of Design of LAGO Spa - In partnerships like this there is always cultural growth and we become stronger, managing to create synergies that contribute significantly to the progress of society. I believe that similar collaborations set in motion thought processes and creativity capable of contributing to increasing corporate culture and establishing concrete sustainability. In this project I see a LAGO at the service of architects and it is a perfect example of how I imagine our products, that is, free to be interpreted with new design formulas. It is an important step in a collaboration strategy with architecture and engineering firms, to which we will give ever greater importance."

“We have always believed that to achieve ambitious goals it is necessary to forge strong bonds, based on trust, transparency and above all on freedom. Essential characteristics of the relationship. It is a choral and inclusive approach that we have also found in LAGO, with which we have shared thoughts and desires for some time: today it has matured into a strategic-industrial partnership. LAGO and Lombardini22 meet on the authentic creation of value for the entire supply chain, on generating new answers for our customers' needs. Together we can understand space and products as part of a single design process, in line with the most ambitious ESG criteria. With LAGO our space for expression is strengthened in the world of interior design. It is a great opportunity which we approach with enthusiasm, technical and rare skills such as neuroscience applied to architecture, with technology, research and development to innovate and - as in our best tradition - with courage and joy." said Juri Franzosi, General Director of Lombardini22 Spa.

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