The house with a rock heart: the interior design of a farmhouse in Rome revisited in a contemporary key by Alvisi Kirimoto

Alvisi Kirimoto House C ©Serena Eller Vainicher
The house with a rock heart: the interior design of a farmhouse in Rome revisited in a contemporary key by Alvisi Kirimoto it has been modified: 2023-09-14 di Benedetto Fiori

A farmhouse in Rome designed by the Alvisi Kirimoto studio, located in a unique position between nature and the city. The interiors feature a contemporary style with a rock touch, offering bright and spacious environments on three floors.

The eternal city of Rome, in addition to being a concentration of history and culture, hides enchanting spaces unexpectedly immersed in nature. One of these places is the farmhouse designed by the Alvisi Kirimoto studio, located a few minutes from contemporary icons such as the Auditorium – Parco della Musica by Renzo Piano and the MAXXI – National Museum of XNUMXst Century Arts by Zaha Hadid. This farmhouse, rebuilt on the volume of a pre-existing building, stands confidently on a hill overlooking the Inviolatella Borghese park, north of the Italian capital.

For the owners of this residence, the objective was clear: they wanted a home that integrated perfectly with the surrounding landscape, characterized by bright environments and a strong connection with the outside, so that they could enjoy the beauty of nature without giving up to the liveliness of city life. The result is a welcoming home, open and designed mainly for moments of conviviality with friends. Furthermore, the owner, Antonella of Opificio Lauchli, also has her own atelier inside, dedicated to the creation of custom-made furnishing accessories, interior decoration and the restoration of period furniture.

The architectural structure of the farmhouse has an archetypal shape, but the interiors tell a contemporary story that develops over three floors. The architects wanted to emphasize the feeling of freedom and space, taking advantage of the height of the ceilings, reducing the number of walls and making the perimeter permeable through French windows that open onto a large private garden.

“We divided the space into three levels, each with its own identity. On the ground floor, we used white and concrete; on the first floor, we chose yellow to create brightness; finally, on the top floor, we left the wooden structure exposed. What unites these spaces is the staircase, conceived as a single piece made of expanded metal, which allows light to filter through reflections and shadows. The house has a surprisingly rock soul, just like its owners. It is a homogeneous and dynamic space, in which materials and surfaces change, bringing emotion from the visual dimension to the tactile one", explains Junko Kirimoto, co-founder of the studio.

The ground floor is designed as an informal space, with a large living room that houses a TV area with a custom-made bookcase in natural wood and black iron supports, a dining area and an open kitchen completely in stainless steel with an island central black, separated by a glass. At the center of everything, the scenographic staircase dominates, made of natural iron with a thin central support and steps made of a single sheet of micro-perforated sheet metal. This light and transparent staircase offers unique perspectives and allows you to appreciate the entire space up to the top floor, where it culminates with a large skylight.

The same color and finishing choices are repeated on the first floor, dedicated to the children and characterized by yellow ceilings. The bedrooms, with custom-made furnishings, bookcases, desks and blackboard walls, overlook a balcony that offers a view of the staircase. Going further up, you enter a large living and study area with a guest bathroom, which acts as a filter to the area reserved for the couple, with a double bedroom, a bathroom and a walk-in closet. The top floor is particularly characterized by a strong material element, with a gray micro cement floor that contrasts with the pitched roof with exposed wooden beams.

Outside, a porch with living area and dining area, near the kitchen, blurs the boundaries between inside and outside. The garden with an English lawn on one side overlooks a green terrace which houses a vegetable garden with Corten tubs, creating a unique connection between the urban environment and nature. This project by Alvisi Kirimoto is a perfect synthesis between the city lifestyle and a greener dimension, a place where the city and the countryside blend harmoniously.

project info

ARCHITECT: Alvisi Kirimoto
PROJECT TEAM: Massimo Alvisi, Junko Kirimoto, Chiara Quadraccia
CLIENT: Private
DATE: 2020
FURNISHING: Lauchli factory

Carpentry: Marcello Manieri
Metalwork: Massimo de Frussi
Cuisine: Cecchi Cucine
Lighting: Telmotor Spa Rome
Sanitary ware and taps: Contact Design – Rome
Microcement floors and coverings: Il Cementificio Roma

PHOTOGRAPHER: ©Serena Eller Vainicher

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