Emmanuelle Moureaux - a floating volume of 100 colors

Emmanuelle Moureaux - a floating volume of 100 colors it has been modified: 2024-06-17 di eggired

Emmanuelle Moureaux hangs 100 colors of paper, installation made for Shinjuki creator party 2013.

The title '100 colors' are the number of shades that the designer used in the work, the colors of the Takeo catalog, a Japanese paper manufacturer. Emmanuelle hung 840 sheets of paper creating a rainbow-colored volume that floats in the air.


Visitors are stimulated in multiple ways to interact with the installation: the seats, bean bags, freely placed under the work,
allow you to appreciate the color variations from several points of view; 100 colored circles, The colors of the sheets, are placed on the wall
and those who visit the exhibition are invited to place small stickers around their favorite ones, the space behind it is transformed into another work
of art, separate and independent, designed by the visitors.


" When I arrived in Tokyo for the first time, I was fascinated by the colors that pervaded the streets of the city, it was in that
when I decided to move to Japan. An impressive amount of shop signs, overhead electrical cables, flashes
blue sky interspersed by volumes of buildings, all of these things together, created three-dimensional 'overlaps' in vision
of the city. The overflowing of the most various colors invaded 
the streets, gave strength to the space and generated a complex depth.
These indelible experiences of colors and overlapping were the inspiration and essence of my 'shikiri' design concept, which
means dividing
 the space with colors. "


Entrance to the installation


Emmanuelle Moureaux
picture Daisuke Shima / NACASA & partners

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