When the web becomes art: online galleries!

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When the web becomes art: online galleries! it has been modified: 2022-06-02 di Greta Lomaestro

Art and web worlds light years away, almost parallel, seem destined never to meet except in very rare occasions and often not always related to art in the traditional sense.

But in reality the traditional art and digital have more in common than you might think, both are event-driven social, economic, and both are the emblem of the "CHANGE".

Gallery Biffanti took exactly this essence when he created his online art gallery, Alexander, owner and creative mind had grasped this common thread and decided to transform its historic gallery in a portal.

The focus is always to art, an entire section is dedicated to new acquisitions selected by the staff of experts, a large number of paintings, drawings and sculpture of authors mainly Lombard, the historical period chosen is that of 1850-1950.

Portraits and serigraphs rare, created in a period of profound change, all is apparent in the objects, imbued with pathos that only an artist can usually warn. Soft colors, brushstrokes inaccurate but concrete, deep eyes and still lifes.

What really affects the whole of this collection is the surprising finding drawings, often forgotten in the studies of the creators, but represent real design elements that can make a room unique and exciting.

All the designs are in black and white and represent bodies, anatomical details, the hallmark is the contemporaneity of these elements, essential for anyone who wants to make their home a sort of modern gallery.


But what is essential is the need to have physical contact with the art, certain digital approach is fundamental and necessary to admire everything from home or office, but emotions always depend on the contact is so important to remember that "Art is the creation of a suggestive magic that welcomes the object and the subject together." - Baudelaire.

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