Trail by Lapalma: The new path of elegance and lightness, a combination of Nordic style and 50s design

Trail by Lapalma union between Nordic style and vintage design. Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso
Trail by Lapalma: The new path of elegance and lightness, a combination of Nordic style and 50s design it has been modified: 2023-07-09 di Benedetto Fiori

The new Trail by Lapalma table, designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, represents an innovative addition to the company's collection. Featuring a light and elegant design, it combines elements of the 50s with a Nordic style.

Lapalma, a company specializing in furniture, presents its new table system called Trail, designed by Giuseppe Bavuso. This innovative design fits into the company's collection, opening new paths and exploring new solutions.

The Trail table stands out for its light and elegant aesthetics, which combines references to the 50s with a Nordic style, which has always been dear to Lapalma. The base of the table is made of die-cast aluminium, with soft and almost zoomorphic lines, and is designed to be used in different configurations.

The leg of the table is aggregated into a trihedron and has a concealed joint in the lower part, becoming the central base for a series of round tops. These tops can be lengthened, taking on a delicate barrel shape. The Trail table adapts perfectly to different contexts: from the classic round table, suitable for refined living rooms, to large meeting tables, which can even reach 3,60 meters in length with a single base. The modularity of the project also allows these dimensions to be exceeded, making the table ideal for representative offices or corporate areas.

Despite its refined appearance, the Trail table hides its technical soul. Thanks to the different finishes proposed by Lapalma for the base and the top, this table adapts to different tastes and design needs, finding its ideal place in contemporary spaces – both at home, in the office and in contract environments.

Another important aspect of the Trail table is its disassembly, which makes it easily recyclable at the end of its useful life. In fact, Lapalma is committed to sustainability, adopting behaviors that take the environment into account.

With its innovative and versatile design, the Trail table by Lapalma represents an interesting addition to the company's collection. Thanks to its light and elegant aesthetics, to the different configuration possibilities and to the sustainability that characterizes it, the Trail table is positioned as an ideal solution for furnishing contemporary spaces, both residential and professional.

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