Burgundy and Rosewood: the new shades of the TWIGGY lamp by Foscarini

Twiggy f burgundy
Burgundy and Rosewood: the new shades of the TWIGGY lamp by Foscarini it has been modified: 2023-07-29 di Benedetto Fiori

Foscarini presented the new version of the famous TWIGGY lamp at Euroluce 2023. The main novelty concerns the colour, with the introduction of the intense shade called Burgundy. The lamp is also renewed in terms of materials, with the addition of a new essence of wood called Rosewood.

Foscarini, the famous brand in the lighting sector, presented a surprising novelty on the occasion of Euroluce 2023: the famous TWIGGY lamp has been renewed with a touch of color and a new material, giving a new essence to this design icon.

The main novelty concerns the coloring, which now takes on an intense shade called Burgundy. This contemporary and sophisticated nuance gives the lamp a strong character, enriching the family of products designed by Marc Sadler. TWIGGY is available in different versions, including floor – classic or Elle – suspension and reading versions.

The new color variant fits perfectly with the light and sinuous style of the lamp, giving it a touch of elegance and modernity. But the news doesn't end there: the TWIGGY is also renewed in terms of materials. In the Wood version, the flexible stem made of carbon fiber combines with an exceptionally thin wooden diffuser. Furthermore, a new essence of wood called Rosewood has been introduced, which joins the already present Oak version. This darker, warmer shade is distinguished by the natural grain of the wood, creating a unique visual effect.

The TWIGGY is a timeless classic that is continually renewed. For almost twenty years, this lamp has stood out for its elegant and supple design. The TWIGGY's slim, arched line seems to magically support a large speaker, giving it a light, contemporary look. Thanks to these unique characteristics, the TWIGGY and its Wood version adapt perfectly to different settings and lighting needs. They are ideal next to a sofa, in living, dining and reception areas, as well as in public places. The Elle version, which moves the diffuser even further away from the base, is also perfect for illuminating large tables or in all those situations in which it is not possible to install a suspended lamp.

In the suspended version, TWIGGY lends itself perfectly to being positioned above a table, providing effective downward lighting and diffusing a welcoming ambient light upwards.

Foscarini's TWIGGY, thanks to its ability to renew itself and its unique characteristics, confirms its role as an icon in the world of lighting. With the new Burgundy shade and Rosewood essence, this lamp continues to win over design lovers and to represent an element of great aesthetic and functional value in different settings.

Twiggy RoseWood HI
Twiggy RoseWood HI
Twiggy RoseWood PP HI
Twiggy RoseWood PP HI
Twiggy RoseWood Susp HI
Twiggy Burgundy HI
Twiggy f burgundy
Twiggy rosewood's burgundy
Twiggy f burgundy
Twiggy rosewood f black
Twiggy rosewood f burgundy
Twiggy rosewood f greige

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