CROSS in&outdoor: The stool by Lapalma that accompanies the journey between dynamism and balance

CROSS stool By Mario Ferrarini for Lapalma
CROSS in&outdoor: The stool by Lapalma that accompanies the journey between dynamism and balance it has been modified: 2023-02-24 di Benedetto Fiori

The CROSS stool by Lapalma is an object born from the idea of ​​a journey, a passage between dynamism and balance, energy and stability. Its fluid and welcoming shape, which recalls the seat of a sports bike, promises a crossing, a passage towards comfort, beauty and sustainability.

Mario Ferrarini's project for Lapalma combines aesthetics, technique and circular economy, the shell that characterizes the profile and ergonomics of CROSS has a soul made up of a single material – polyurethane, rigid on the inside, and flexible, softer on the inside touch, on the outside – allowing for easy recycling at the end of the product's life. The seat fits directly into the tubular metal base, with connection sections reduced to a minimum for an essential and aesthetically pleasing design.

CROSS was born from the observation of airports, places of fast passage but also of small breaks that require comfort and calm. Today, with its nonchalant appeal, the stool is also perfectly suited to open spaces, between moments of quiet and the perpetual movement that characterize daily life.

Its fresh and playful design accompanies us in&outdoors as we move between the fluid spaces of the office, home, hotel or passageways such as airports and stations. CROSS is an object that invites us to rest the body but to keep our thoughts moving, ready to start again as fast as the wind.

An interesting feature of CROSS is its versatility, which makes it suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. The structure of the powder-coated tubular steel frame is resistant to bad weather and guarantees stability even on uneven surfaces thanks to the anti-tip feet welded and painted in the same color as the frame and to the polyethylene support feet. This feature makes it perfect for outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces and patios.

Furthermore, the modern and minimalist design of CROSS makes it suitable for being placed in any context, from the office to the private home, from the bar to the restaurant. The integral polyurethane seat, with rigid polyurethane insert, guarantees comfort and resistance to wear, while its fluid and elegant profile makes it a design object.

Finally, Lapalma's commitment to sustainability is also evident in this product. The single-material polyurethane shell makes CROSS easily recyclable at the end of its life, contributing to the reduction of waste and the creation of a circular economy. In this way, the Italian brand demonstrates that it is in step with the times and responds to the needs of its customers, who are increasingly attentive to sustainability and social responsibility.

In summary, the CROSS stool by Lapalma is a product that adapts perfectly to contemporary life, between dynamism and balance, beauty and sustainability, and which accompanies us in&outdoors with its fresh and essential design.

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