The new Brera hood by Falmec: invisible technology for a minimalist kitchen

The new Brera hood by Falmec: invisible technology for a minimalist kitchen it has been modified: 2023-04-02 di Benedetto Fiori

Falmec, the Italian company specialized in the production of extractor hoods, presented its new creation: the Brera. It is a hood integrated into the hob, an extraction solution that is essential in its shape but extraordinary in its execution. Brera's design is inspired by minimalism and technology, in which the cooking zones and the motorized flap come together to form a uniform body inserted into the kitchen top.

The Brera is designed to offer a large cooking surface and a versatile workspace, characterized by a monochromatic ceramic glass that combines the cooking and extraction areas. Furthermore, Brera is characterized by formal cleanliness, silence and energy efficiency (class A++). It is a unique and indivisible product that brings together multiple functions, paying homage to the well-known district of Milan dedicated to design.

The intake area of ​​the Brera is defined by a thin slit, with a fin in the rear glass, distinguished by a black steel frame with a surface anti-scratch system. During operation, the flap opens automatically to suck in cooking vapors and fumes, closing again and conforming to the hob. The result is aesthetically and practically satisfactory: the functional part positioned in the rear part allows you to make the most of the height of the cabinet, while the uniformity of the surface guarantees extreme practicality in cooking operations and ease in cleaning.

The Brera is equipped with a powerful brushless motor, touch slider control panel with display, 9 cooking levels + Booster and 4 zones with double bridge, for maximum versatility in the use of pans of different sizes. Furthermore, the hood can count on new cooking functions, such as Keep Warm, which allows you to maintain a constant heat to serve food at the right temperature, or Chef function, capable of setting different temperature levels for each cooking zone.

Finally, the Brera is also available in the filtering version, using the Carbon.Zeo filters, able to effectively absorb cooking odors and reduce residual humidity, thanks to the zeolite. The filters can be easily inserted from above to facilitate maintenance and replacement.

In conclusion, the Brera by Falmec represents an important technological innovation in the field of extractor hoods, with a minimalist design and class A++ energy efficiency. Its release is scheduled for May 2023.

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