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Space for the garden and the outdoors in the first edition of HoMi

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Space for the garden and the outdoors in the first edition of HoMi it has been modified: 2015-07-03 di jessica zannori

Green living, furnishings, accessories, covers, design suggestions, events, new proposals:

These, in brief, the contents of GARDEN & OUTDOORThe new special Satellite Homi (Hall 5) reserved for furnishing, design and accessories for public, residential and hospitality outdoors. With a nod to a growing market. GARDEN & OUTDOOR, Edited by the design studio VGCrea, is a response to the growing demand for design and construction of outdoor of good aesthetics and a deeper contact with nature.

A need increasingly fueled by new lifestyles, attentive to the rediscovery of the values ​​of life in the open air, to the versatility of spaces, furnishings and accessories, in search of continuity, connection and interchangeability between inside and outside beyond the walls, everywhere , in every season.

To embellish the exhibition:

  • the presence of Nurseries D'Adda, among the leaders of the nursery quality,
  • the spectacular space of the renewed magazine VilleGiardini with scenic greenhouse Square Garden, furnishings and garden Unopiù edited by Arch. Marco Bay,                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • the space curated by PAYSAGE-Architettura del Paesaggio which, for the afternoon of Sunday 19 January, will host the interventions by Francesca Marzotto Caotorta, Anna Scaravella, Luigina Giordani, Antonio Perazzi, Marco Bay, Cristina Mazzucchelli and Filippo Piva on the theme of The Italian Garden - appointment dedicated to the art of the garden.

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