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New line for the bathroom SWEET LINE Mobart Ben

Mobart Ben Woodstone Evolution Dolomia Brown
New line for the bathroom SWEET LINE Mobart Ben it has been modified: 2022-06-02 di Benedetto Fiori

New line for the bathroom made from SWEET LINE Ben MobartItalian company of reference for the design, manufacture and supply of wood furnishings turnkey, customized project and on the occasion of Abitare il Tempo 2015.

The line, designed for both residential and for contract projects, features a clean design and a sophisticated combination of geometric lines and soft roundness.

The new SWEET LINE bathroom line It is a comprehensive proposal that include bases, wall units, cabinets, closets, shelves, table tops and furniture, all made to measure.

Designed to design excellence and bring to the fore in the concept of matter, it is offered in several different and valuable species, such as Spruce, Larch and Oak of the Dolomites.

For those who choose the oak, today, there is also an exclusive finish split "Dolomite Brown", a new and innovative proposal, conceived exclusively by Mobart BEN and presented at Abitare il Tempo.

Especially tactile and visual experience: the new finish is distinguished, in fact, for a pleasant feel and a sophisticated "used" effect, making it ideal for different uses.

Sweet Line is the epitome of unique craftsmanship, enhanced also by the combination with elements and natural stone finishes as dolomite and the porphyry.

With this new line, you can also choose, for some coatings, a large collection of wallpaper, printed with a fine manual technique that reproduces the graphic of the Australian designer of the years' 50 Florence Broadhurst, distributed in Italy by the company.

Woodstone, the bathroom signed by Mobart BEN, where stone and wood blend perfectly in a single project of relationships between forms and materials, is thus enriched by a new line that joins Evolution, Modern Sign, Minimal Design and Forest , already in the catalog.

Mobart BEN draws the bathroom as a real space of the imagination, where relaxation and self-care take center stage. A place that, as in the tradition Mobart BEN, smells of wood and gives great space to materiality complements, to the suggestions of all the furniture that only an artisan can return. The scent of wood, the veins pleasant to the touch, the colors of nature and the elegance of the decoration in the wallpaper creates a unique mix, a wellness project for the body ... and soul.

Producing unique, characterized by passion and tradition for woodworking, choice of raw materials of high quality and advanced technologies, Mobart BEN presents itself as a reliable partner for architects and designers, always in search of solutions customizable able to meet the demands of tastes of an increasingly demanding.

The offer, in fact, is very wide and suitable to decorate the whole house: complete furnishings for the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom and the bathroom, wainscoting, doors and window frames.

New line for the bathroom SWEET LINE Mobart Ben Woodstone Evolution dolomite Brown

New line for the bathroom SWEET LINE Mobart Ben Sideboard

New line for the bathroom SWEET LINE MobartBen_ Sideboard

New line for the bathroom SWEET LINE

New line for the bathroom SWEET LINE

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