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Milano Bedding for the exclusive "21-5" project

Milan Bedding 21-5, Andersen, Barcelona
Milan Bedding 21-5, Andersen, Barcelona
Milano Bedding for the exclusive "21-5" project it has been modified: 2021-07-19 di Vincenti Volonté Communication

21-5 is an innovative concept, born in Denmark, of managing holiday homes around the world: 21 families have unique 5 residences for location and style, which alternate throughout the year, leaving the organization at 21-5 who takes care of everything, from purchase to renovation, from furniture to management.

And it is precisely in the furnishings, extremely refined in every aspect, that we find protagonist Milano Bedding. The Danish architects of Bo-Tikken Indretning, who have signed the restyling of various houses, have repeatedly chosen the company's sofa beds for the living area.

A careful selection based on design, quality, functionality and customization possibilities, peculiarities of 100% made in Italy products by Milano Bedding.

From the sea, to the mountain, to the city, each apartment has its own character that reflects the particularities of the place. Colors, finishes and details are expertly studied and used to create charming locations for an exclusive and familiar relaxation at the same time.

We will therefore show you nine apartments located in Barcelona, ​​Mallorca, New York, Paris and Rome: here the Milano Bedding sofa beds with their design, seating and sleeping comfort, cutting-edge technologies for opening and closing, and with the possibility of customization, they are able to distinguish and best characterize any environment.

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