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Beyond the Surface: Unfolding Dimensions, alcantara and its history of innovation land in Singapore

ALCANTARA Beyond the Surface Unfolding Dimensions
Beyond the Surface: Unfolding Dimensions, alcantara and its history of innovation land in Singapore it has been modified: 2023-07-12 di Benedetto Fiori

Alcantara recently presented the 'Beyond the Surface: Unfolding Dimensions' art event in Singapore, unveiling its unprecedented history of innovation. The event explored the versatility of the Alcantara material through a collection of products developed in collaboration with internationally renowned brands.

The story of Alcantara innovation came to life in Singapore with the event “Beyond the Surface: Unfolding Dimensions”. This one-of-a-kind arts event premiered in Southeast Asia last June. The experiential path highlighted the history of unprecedented innovation of Alcantara, a brand capable of combining cutting-edge technology with exemplary craftsmanship. The story underlines Alcantara's long and constant relationship with art, aesthetics and technology, which is the driving force behind the multiple forms and functions of this material.

The “Beyond the Surface: Unfolding Dimensions” event was held at the Italian Embassy in Singapore and was an in-depth investigation into the versatility of Alcantara, which has given rise to a world of infinite possibilities in the fields of fashion, technology , interior design, automotive and art. The exhibition presented a collection of products that represent the synthesis between contemporary functionality and timeless aesthetics, developed in collaboration with partner brands such as Lanvin, adidas, RØDE and Microsoft. This event offered the Singaporean public an intimate look at Alcantara's design philosophy and the cultural legacy of a company capable of reinventing and re-imagining the contemporary lifestyle.

Andrea Boragno, President of Alcantara, said: “For most of its history, Alcantara has been a persistent symbol of innovation. We were thrilled to introduce years of meaningful collaboration to Beyond the Surface: Unfolding Dimensions. We want our audience to focus on what makes Alcantara more than just a brand: our philosophy, our "advocacy". We want you to discover the countless customization possibilities of our material and its ability to combine style and technology, functionality and emotion".

The exhibition also presented two works created in Alcantara by the Italian artist Alberto Biasi and the book "ALCANTARA The Matter of Art", published by Skira. In addition to the collaboration with some of the biggest luxury brands in the world, such as Bugatti, Aston Martin and Yamamoto, Alcantara has been collaborating with international creatives and artists for many years, reaffirming its commitment to revolutionize its approach to the art world. This engaging journey of mutual inspiration is described in detail in the book published by Skira.

If "Beyond the Surface: Unfolding Dimensions" marks the physical debut of Alcantara in the city-state of Singapore, the made in Italy brand is not new to the national airline, Singapore Airlines. In 2018, Alcantara was involved in the refurbishment of the new Boeing 787-10 aircraft, where the material was chosen to upholster the interiors and seats of the business class cabin, guaranteeing passengers maximum comfort during travel.

Since its foundation in 1972, Alcantara has offered specialized and exclusive solutions that respond to the most challenging requests without compromising aesthetics. The Alcantara® material is the result of a unique and proprietary technology that offers a perfect combination of sensoriality, aesthetics and functionality, such as lightness, resistance and high grip. Thanks to its versatility, Alcantara stands out in various sectors such as fashion, automotive, hi-tech, interior design, nautical and aviation, without forgetting the world of art and creativity.

With "Beyond the Surface: Unfolding Dimensions", Alcantara has brought the spirit of innovation that has always characterized the brand to Singapore, confirming itself as a leading interlocutor and a source of inspiration for the international creative community.

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